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Norwich Gaming Festival: Opportunity for men – and women

Victoria Pertusa enters virtual reality to report from the Norwich Gaming Festival

The Festival started in 2014 as a retro gaming arcade and it has rapidly grown into a Gaming event, where developers can showcase their work.

There will be talks from industry experts and presentations of independent games, where attendees will have the chance to try exclusively the games. Some of the games started as research projects, like Tommy Thompson’s game, Sure Footing. “We are bringing it back improved, we are hoping to launch it soon and sell it as a commercial product in different consoles”.

For Daniel Scales, one of the Festival’s organisers is a chance for developers in getting in touch “it’s a possibility for networking and bringing designers, developers and companies together”.

This week there are educational talks aimed at young people to get them interested in the gaming world. There are talks from experts and from The Norwich University of Arts (NUA)

There is also a VR experience set out just outside The Forum, where attendees can experience for free the virtual reality. The VR starts working once you begin balancing on the swing. There are different types of experiences to experiment with.

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