“Let it all out” – Norwich’s Rage Room sets their sight on new location

When you think British, the words quiet, reserved, and well-mannered spring to mind. The growing trend of Rage Rooms not only spits in the face of those stereotypes, but smashes them to pieces – by doing exactly that. 

Rage Rooms, venues built around the idea of destruction as a stress-reliever, have exploded in popularity recently – seemingly out of nowhere, people are paying for the simple act of breaking objects. 

I sat down with Gemma Whiddett, manager of Rage Rooms Norwich, to discuss why this phenomenon has gained so much traction. The business has recently gained planning permission to move to a new, larger venue in Sprowston – having outgrown their current premises on Dereham Road. 

“People have a reason to come here, like work, stress, family stress. We get all sorts of stories.” She went on to describe how destroying things for many people is almost therapeutic. “This is being used for its intended purpose – as an outlet for emotion.”

Rage Rooms Norwich isn’t alone in filling this niche, with venues offering similar services opening throughout the UK – Gemma specifically referencing a ‘Screaming room’ opening in Canary Wharf. Its placement is notable, being in the high-rise office capital of the UK – the location facilitating exasperated office workers who need a break from the daily stress of desk-jockeying and paper-pushing. This all-ages approach is something that Whiddett heavily emphasised, with people from all walks of life booking into the Rage Room as a form of escapism. 

Even from a cursory glance at reviews for the service, it seems to be a hit with local residents – one visitor quipping the service to be “The perfect place to let out pure wrath and rage,” another calling it a “great way to release stress and anger.”

In an age of uncertainty, the best remedy for modern blues might just be to smash a plate or two. 

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