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  • We have just heard from the French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and the local Annecy prosecutor in the press conference.… Read more

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  • Garnet pub was vandalised yesterday as bottles were thrown at the windows, causing them to smash. Lauren Greggory, owner of… Read more

  • UK foreign secretary, James Cleverly, has said that one of the children injured in today’s knife attack is a British… Read more

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  • Police have confirmed that the suspect is a 31- year- old Syrian, who had a refugee status in Sweden. According… Read more

  • Prime minister Elisabeth Borne has just arrived in Annecy by plane and has greeted local officials on the local airports… Read more

  • 13 Year old Austin Dale is home after 18 days in Addenbrookes hospital. The teen was taken ill during a… Read more

  • France knife attack update

    We have just heard from the French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and the local Annecy prosecutor in the press conference.

    Here’s what we learnt:

    • Six people were injured including four children and two adults, with victims as young as 22 months old and three years old.
    • Borne said some of the children who were injured are in a “severe state”.
    • Also that the arrested suspect is a Syrian national who had refugee status in Sweden. He had no criminal or psychiatric record.
    • There’s currently no indication as to what the motive of the attack was but police have launched an investigation and there is no evidence of a link to terrorism.
    • Everyone in France are shocked but Borne said everyone is “standing firm”.

    Translation to tweet: Live | Official speech by the Prime Minister @Elisabeth_Borne in reaction to the attack in Annecy.

  • “One of the children injured is a British national” – foreign secretary

    UK foreign secretary, James Cleverly, has said that one of the children injured in today’s knife attack is a British national.

    He said this at a conference hosted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

    Mr Cleverly told the conference that British consular officials are travelling to Annecy to support the British family who has lost their child.

  • Breaking News: French PM arrives in Annecy

    Prime minister Elisabeth Borne has just arrived in Annecy by plane and has greeted local officials on the local airports runway.

    We’re expecting an update shortly in the press conference.

    She spoke earlier on her twitter regarding the knife attack.

  • Teen stroke survivor returns home

    13 Year old Austin Dale is home after 18 days in Addenbrookes hospital. The teen was taken ill during a football match and later collapsed at home, suffering a stroke. 

    He has been left paralysed on his right side and is having to relearn to speak.

    An estimated 400 children a year in the UK suffer from a stroke according to the Stroke Association.

    He has received immense support from the public and from celebrity footballers, lifting his spirits and aiding with his mental health. 

    For more on this story visit Katie Drake’s story on the UEA Journalism website.

  • Breaking News: French stabbing injures six people

    The details so far:

    • Six people including four children have been injured in South East France. Children as young as three.
    • Three are in critical condition.
    • The attack happened in Annecy.
    • He first attacked children before running from the scene and targeting an elderly man.
    • Then he was shot in the legs by police and arrested.
    • Police say he is a Syrian man who was seeking refugee status in France. It is not currently being linked to terrorism.
  • What is going on at UEA?

    Members of trade union UNISON are protesting at the UEA today, after the university announced redundancies will be needed to cut costs.

    George Cooke has been looking into the situation – what is going on at the UEA?

  • Diabetes figures at an ‘all time high’

    Figures obtained by UEA Journalism show hospitals in Essex had just over 130,000 hospital admissions for diabetes in the past two years. Diabetes UK estimate that more than five million people in the UK are living with diabetes and say it’s an ‘all time high.’

    Nigel lives in Essex and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the end of last year. He explains the impact it’s had on his life:

    Our investigative reporter Paris Maben-Hume found this out through submitting a freedom of information request to Essex hospitals. She will have a full report in our 3pm radio bulletin.

  • Should big musicians be paid as they are?

    Should big musicians be paid as much as they are?

    When some NHS workers are paid less than a barista’s wage, are artists like Arctic Monkeys overpaid?

    Phoebe Lucas has been looking into this- full story out by 2pm!

  • The oldest cat in Norwich turns 32 last week

    Rosie reached 32 this weekend, which is 140 in human years. The record for the oldest cat is currently 27-year-old Flossie in London, so Rosie is waiting for her verification for the oldest cat in the UK, with the Guinness World Record.

    Owner Lila Brissett said she took in “fluffball” Rosie as a rescue and the cat has only visited the vet twice in her life. She also said her other cats lived to a “ripe old age” but Rosie outlived them all.

    Rosie is just six years younger than the world’s oldest cat, Creme Puff, in the US.

    Mrs Brissett lost her husband three years ago said, “She is lovely,” and “I love my animals.”

    Our reporter, Liberty Corrie, is looking into whether cats make the best furry friends. For more on this, look at our main UEA Journalism page.

  • Bottles thrown at the Garnet pub windows

    Full bottles thrown through the windows at the Garnet pub after everyone moved inside the pub from outside by one individual at around 8pm last night. Perpetrator was a single male individual who was using racist and homophobic language. Police took 45 minutes to respond.

    This is the aftermath.

  • Did you look good on the dance floor last night?

    Tens of thousands of fans saw the Arctic Monkeys in concert yesterday in Carrow Road, with some arriving as early as 9:15am even though the show didn’t kick off until nearly 12 hours later.

    Send us a tweet on @UEAjournalism of your videos or images from the Arctic Monkeys last night.

  • Good Morning!

    Today we have stories from both second and third years with online, radio and TV stories.

    Stay tuned for all the content throughout the day!

    Here is a picture of us in our morning meeting.

  • Breaking News

    PGA Tour have agreed to merge with rival LIV Golf.

    PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan says its a historic day for the game.

    “This will engender a new era in global golf, for the better.”

  • 5 minutes to go!

    Lauren Aarons will be live at 3pm to bring you the latest news stories.

    Lauren Aarons in the radio studio

    Make sure you listen in to find out more about the call for ban on disposable vapes.

    And find out if working from home increases loneliness.

  • Meet Bella…

    Bella Ferraro came fourth place in X Factor Australia back in 2012 but during the Covid 19 pandemic she was a carer in Suffolk.

    Bella told our reporter Jack MacLean about her X Factor audition, including the moment Ronan Keating stood on his chair to cheer her on.

    You can find out more about Bella’s story at 4pm.

  • Breaking News

    All boat operations from Bournemouth Pier suspended “as a precaution”.

    It follows the deaths of 12-year-old Sunnah Kahn and 17-year-old Joe Abbess, who died in hospital after an incident last Wednesday.

  • Over £200,000 lost to fraud in Norfolk

    Latest data shows that over £200,000 was lost to fraud in Norfolk last year- with people over the age of 70 being the worst affected.

    Anna Mayne told us about how one of her friends was moments away from being scammed.

    “She was in the bank actually getting the money moved, and the bank just said to her no, this is a scam.”

  • Breaking News

    Margaret Ferrier has been banned from the Commons for 30 days for breaching Covid lockdown rules.

    Credit: UK Parliament

    In September 2020, the MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West spoke in parliament whilst awaiting the results of a Covid test which later came back positive. She took a train to Glasgow to avoid self isolating in a London hotel.

    She has said she “deeply regretted” her actions.

  • Gardening can help keep us “fit and healthy”

    Doreen in Suffolk Community Garden has been speaking to our reporter Aimee Dexter about the health benefits from gardening.

    Statistics from Royal Horticulture Society show that gardening reduces anxiety and depression, and improves social function.

    Aimee will have a full report on our 4pm television programme.

  • D-Day Memorial in Norwich

    Credit: Katie Drake

    Veterans commemorated the 79th anniversary of D-Day by holding a memorial in front of Norwich City Hall.

    Credit: Katie Drake

    98 year old veteran Fred Finch fought on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.

    “That day, fear had gone and we had to look after each other.”

  • Evacuations under way in Ukraine

    Almost 80 towns and villages could be affected by the flooding caused by the destruction of a dam on the Dnipro river.

    Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, has accused Russia of blowing up the hydro-electric plant “from the inside”.

    The Kremlin has denied this and claims it was a “deliberate act of sabotage” by Kyiv.

    Neither claims have been verified yet.

  • Are musicians under too much pressure?

    Lewis Capaldi has cancelled all of his upcoming shows until Glastonbury to recover after a “mentally and physically” challenging few months.

    Is the music industry putting musicians under too much pressure?

    Credit: Zara Rox

    “I feel like I can’t make a mistake because you have one chance.” Says Abigail Lake, a singer and song writer from Manchester.

    Liberty Corrie will have more on this at 3pm.

  • Does working from home lead to loneliness?

    84 percent of people said they would carry on working from home after the pandemic according to the Office for National Statistics.

    But young people are twice as likely to suffer from loneliness.

    Do the cons of working from home outweigh the pros?

    With graduation fast approaching, what does this mean for young people starting their careers?

    Phoebe Lucas will have the answers to these questions at 3pm.

  • How does music impact ADHD?

    Do you sing dance around your kitchen to the Top 40 on the radio?

    Perhaps you relax with some classical music in the evenings?

    Owen Preston has learning how different music can affect the concentration of those with ADHD.

    More on this on our 4pm television programme.

  • Calls for disposable vapes to be banned

    Children’s doctors are calling for a ban on disposable vapes due to the health risks on lungs.

    15 percent of current vapers are 16-17 year olds despite it being illegal to sell vapes and e-cigarettes to under 18’s.

    Our reporter Fin Brown will have more on this at 2pm.

  • It’s National Garden Day!

    Did you know gardening burns around 300 calories per hour?

    Our reporter Jasmin Jessen is spending the day in a community garden in Norwich to see how people without gardens can get involved.

  • Breaking News

    Ange Postecoglou has been appointed head coach at Tottenham.

    Photo credit: BBC

    This makes him the first Australian to manage in the Premier League.

  • Government needs to improve mental health care for students

    Almost 130,000 people have signed a petition to call on the government to look at mental health care for university students.

    Paul Blomfield, MP for Sheffield Central, says “Suicide is very much a preventable death.”

    Our reporter Lauren Aarons will have more on our 3pm radio bulletin.

  • Breaking News- gonorrhoea and syphilis diagnoses hit record levels

    Gonorrhoea diagnoses have increased by 50% in 2022 according to figures from the UK’s Health Security Agency (UKSHA)

    It is the highest number of diagnosis since records began in 1918.

    Data also shows that syphilis diagnoses are at the highest number since 1948.

    UKHSA are urging people to get tested regularly.

  • What is D-Day?

    Today is the 79th anniversary of D-Day.

    On 6th June 1944 Allied troops attacked German forces on five beaches in Normandy.

    It was the largest military operation including naval, air, and land operation. It marked the start of the campaign to liberate north-west Europe from Nazi control.

  • Top Stories

    Our top stories today…

    Norwich SOS bus- will it be scrapped?

    It’s the 79th Anniversary of D-Day- how is it being remembered in the region?

    And meet the Australian X Factor Semi Finalist who became a carer in Suffolk during the pandemic.

    Credit: X Factor Australia
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  • *UPDATE* Public respond to tory MP’s not associating with party online

    Social media platforms are filled with information like user’s age, the sports team they support, and their job.

    Recently though it seems associations with the Conservative party have been disappearing from Conservative MPs Twitter bios.

    Only 20% of Tory MPs in the East say words like “conservative” in their bio.

    Political Correspondent, Jasmin Jessen got reactions from the general public.