Go Wild – for the day! With Wildlife on the North Norfolk Coast

Carina Yang reports from the North Norfolk Coast.

The Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild campaign inspires people to get close to nature and be creative throughout June.

On the first day of June, different activities took place at Cley Marshes, a well-known nature reserve centre along North Norfolk Coast. The activities included Pond Dipping, Beast Hunting and Bird Watching.

Families are attracted by the natural scenery and wild animals, and go out for adventure with children and pets. They are encouraged to sign up for the 30 Days Wild Campaign.

Rachael Wright, the Community Education Officer in Cley Marshes, introduced the resident birds, the landscape and the work of nature conservation to the visitors.

“ We’ve got loads of different types of birds here. But this time of year in particular is really good, because a lot of birds may stay and breed here.”


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