Meet The Team

Welcome to the University of East Anglia’s Student Journalism. The news stories and features you’ll read on this site are produced by students on our Broadcast Journalism courses. 

These intensely practical programmes offers a career path to the dynamic and rapidly changing world of the professional journalist. On these courses you will receive a grounding in the storytelling and production skills of the digital age, enabling you to work across TV, radio, print, social media and online platforms. All our courses teach core general skills such as writing, video editing, audio skills, camera skills, interviewing, news package production, court reporting, longer form programme making and website production.

The undergraduate degree is accredited by the Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC).

On this course you will develop an understanding of media law and ethics, including defamation, copyright, legal constraints and media regulation. You will also participate in at least 15 days of newsroom production in years 2 and 3, closely mirroring practice within professional broadcast newsrooms.

The UK pathway of the MA programme also involves training in English media law and regulation, while the International pathway takes a more global perspective on media regulation.

Our Courses

BA Broadcast and Multimedia Journalism
*new for 2020*

MA Broadcast and Digital Journalism UK

MA Broadcast and Digital Journalism International

Career Destinations

After the course students are ready to work as staff or freelance broadcast journalists in local or regional newsrooms. Students of related courses at UEA have gone on to careers in radio, TV, online and other forms of journalism. Examples of careers you could enter include;

• Independent local radio stations

• Local BBC Radio or TV

• Local or national newspapers

• Independent media production companies

• National / International TV Broadcasters

• Running your own business

“The course gave me practical knowledge and experience that allowed me to start a career in journalism.”

Eddie (Surname)
MA UK Pathway

“The course gave me a lot of practical training, a big variety of workshops with experts from the media, television and documentary filming.”

Yevheniia (Surname)
MA International

“I learned journalistic skills, such as researching news, doing interviews, writing stories as well as making video and audio.”

Sufen (Surname)
MA International