Norfolk Bus Company welcoming youngest bus driver

Eastern Counties Buses have hired their youngest ever driver to join their team. This is because he was inspired by his grandad to get behind the wheel.

Anthony Yallop is 18 years old and passed his passenger service vehicle licence on Wednesday.

He will be based at the Great Yarmouth depot in Norfolk where his grandad still works.

He had to pass a medical and attend classes in bus driving with the company, and his driving test included navigating multiple roundabouts, tight roads, parking at bus stops and driving on the A47.

On the BBC it states that Yallop said he was looking forward to his long career as a bus driving and was expecting passengers to comment on his age.

He said: “I’ll tell them I am young and to enjoy the ride.” Also, that he was looking forward to a long career as a bus driver.

His trainer Tom McGregor said, “Anthony has been a natural driver. He really nailed it from day one. He’s determined and he just listened.”

In reference to the national driver shortage that happened just under a year ago the news of a young driver being hired is a positive turn around.

Chris Speed, head of operations engineering at First Eastern County Buses, said:

“It makes me feel really proud. I was the youngest driver to qualify at 19 but I am 43 now so it is a good few years on. It’s great to see young people being passionate about the industry and coming into the industry.”

When asked whether he would encourage young people to apply, he said: “definitely!” He also mentioned that Anthony Yallop being hired has encouraged them to get more younger people in the industry.

First Bus Travel Centre Norwich, Castle Meadow

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