Boris Johnson has survived a vote of no confidence but what do the people of Norwich think?

After months of rumours of unrest, yesterday a vote of no confidence took place. With party gate and lockdown beers, he finally faced his MPs.

The prime minister won the vote by 211 to 148. This means that 41% of his MPs don’t have confidence.

Local Norwich MP Chole Smith came out on Twitter, last night, in support of Boris Johnson.

Chloe Smith (R), the victorious Conservative candidate from the British Conservative party celebrates with leader of the British Conservative party David Cameron (R) after her victory of the Norwich North by-election on July 24, 2009. Labour was pushed into second place by the main opposition Conservatives in the Norwich North constituency. Chloe Smith, the victorious Conservative candidate, is only 27 years old and will be the youngest lawmaker in the House of Commons. AFP PHOTO/Ben Stansall (Photo credit should read BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty Images)

She wrote, “I’ll be voting to back Boris Johnson today, as I did 3 years ago. Constituents in Norwich North voted for him in 2019 and it’s right to unite, serve and deliver on their trust”.

“The reasons for confidence that I’ve explained in my constituency blogs haven’t changed. It’s right to have apologised and I back the PM to get on with the job for my constituents.”

Chloe Smiths’ Twitter posts from last night.

Does this mean the people of Norwich feel the same though?

I took to the streets to see what the public believe is the right thing for the country.

Linda a Norwich resident was happy to see Boris Johnson as prime minister this morning.

The lanes of Norwich on where we spoke to people last night. Credit Jack Maclean

“Tell me who is better out there, and I’ll vote for them?”

On whether, party gate is something that should be forgotten Linda said “we all lost loved ones in the pandemic, and yes it was gutting not being able to see them. But they would have died if he had a pint of not.”

Ben was taking in the morning sun. He is a green party voter but had an opinion on Mr Johnson still being prime minister this morning.

On whether we should forget about party gate he said, “ no we shouldn’t forget about it as it shows a lack of good character.”

He hopes for a general election over the winter so he can bring in change.

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