Suffolk Scavenger Hunt

Stacey Offord, aged 35, from Kesgrave has been creating art work by burning recognisable images onto wood. Ranging cartoon characters such as Queen Elsa and Princess Anna from Disney’s “Frozen’, to Joe Tribbiani from ‘Friends’.

Photo by Stacey Offord  

Stacey scattered them throughout Fenton’s Wood, located in Kesgrave, Suffolk, just to see if “someone might like” what she had done. The following day she went back to find they were all gone. 

Seeing that people liked her creations she said “I just carried on doing different ones.” When asked about why she continued, she responded with “just thought it’d be something to get the children out, to look forward to go for a walk”. 

Stacy put a post on Facebook to see if people “had found them and if enjoyed the hunt”. Received a large, wonderfully positive response from the community.  

This all started after “being made redundant…due to covid” Stacey previously worked within the catering industry and like many throughout the pandemic “needed little projects to” keep her busy. She found logs down her garden, sanded them and used a pyrography burner to scorch the images into the wood.   

It was so popular; it has sparked others to copy the idea, placing laminated images all around the wood for people to find and share. 

Not only this, but, Stacey has also received requests for personalised pieces. Stacy has said she’s “not charged for them as one, it makes me happy to think something I’ve made has given people a little bit of happiness and two. It’s something to talk about or look forward to.” Not only this but she has been “touched” by the stories that accompany the requests.

Stacey also made 140 new scorched pieces, ready to be released over Easter, all of which were rapidly found by a very happy community.

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