Bungay Community launches Warm Rooms Project as the rise of energy prices continue to soar

The energy bills soared to record highs in 2021, however the energy cap will rise even higher in 2022.

Ofgem announced on Thursday February 3 that the energy price cap will rise by more than 50% from April, as UK households face even higher gas and electricity bill costs.

Free cakes and biscuits available for attendees

A project has been launched in Bungay to keep the community warm as energy prices continue to rise around the country.

Bungay Community support have set up the Warm Rooms Project, which provides free, warm spaces for town residents and residents of surrounding villiages

Attendants of the warm rooms will be able to claim free tea, coffee and biscuits. There will also be a wide range of activities for adults and children including jigsaws and board games.

Warm rooms coordinator, Martha Coleman started the project last year due to the rise in energy bills and felt that the ageing community in Bungay would much benefit from this project.

The project is running up until the 31st March.

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