Victims of recent flood struggle to find new home

Cars in carpark under water

The impact of Storm Babet has been unprecedented on communities such as the town of Framlingham in Suffolk.

One family told that the flood waters engulfed their home in minutes.

For Grace Mann and her young family, the effects of the recent floods caused by Storm Babet have been a detriment to family life.

Their home in Framlingham was one of the worst affected.

She told our reporter, “It just flooded so quickly, first our garden, then into the house…there wasn’t anything we could do, we tried sandbags but it was coming through the floor.”

Not only has her home been affected by the flood, but the wellbeing of her son, who is five years old, has become “anxious, which is new.”

Since having to move in with relatives, “it’s been incredibly stressful and tiring not having our own space”, she said.

The family said it would now struggle to find a new home because house prices in the areas have skyrocketed in recent months.

Water damage from the flood has left their property and many others, including the post office and pub, uninhabitable.

the outside of some flooded flats in Framlingham, Suffolk
Credit: Paul Burns

She told that searching for another rental property was difficult as “so many people have been affected and our budget isn’t huge.”

Cars parked in the path of the flood were considered to be complete write-offs.

Paul Burns, an owner of a car that was damaged in the flood, was able to shed some light on the situation.

He praised the insurance companies residents used to claim on their flooded cars.

Inside of flood damaged car
Credit: Paul Burns

“The insurance companies were brilliant, when I notified them on the claim they agreed there and then that it was a total loss… a couple of days later they offered me a very fair price.”

Residents told our reporter that there was a strong sense of perseverance in the community.

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