Demand for Covid tests increases

Covid test

A Norwich pharmacist said demand for Covid-19 tests has increased “ten times” in recent weeks.  

According to Government statistics, the number of Covid-19 cases across the UK has gone from around 9,000 a week to 15,000 since July.

However, deaths relating to Covid-19 have gone down.

Mr Maziar Moaddabi, pharmacist and owner of Vauxhall Pharmacy in Norwich, said Covid tests are  “flying off the shelves” and they are struggling to “keep up with demand”.

From selling ten boxes a week in the summer to “over one hundred each week” in October. 

Local Mia Everitt expressed concern about Covid-19 affecting her loved ones.

She said, “My nanny is unwell, so I’m more worried about if I catch it and give it to her”.  

Mr Moaddabi advises people to get the Covid booster if they are eligible and to do what they can to keep themselves warm and healthy over the winter months.

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