The white-clawed crayfish: can they be saved?

Norfolk’s native species are under threat from pollution, disease and climate change. But one needs our help more than ever: the white-clawed crayfish. The only native species of freshwater crayfish in the UK and an essential part of Norfolk’s ecosystem is being annihilated by an alien invader. The American signal crayfish has left a path of destruction and death in its wake since being introduced in the 1970’s. Consequently, the white-clawed crayfish is now deemed endangered. So, is it too late to save them?

In this documentary, Emily Erith joins a group of committed conservationists as they attempt to revive Norfolk’s hidden hero.

What can the public do to help?

For more information on the white-clawed crayfish:

With thanks to Banham Zoological Gardens, especially Sarah Lee, Dexter Smith, Zoe Starling, Thomas Collard, also Ursula Juta from the Norfolk Rivers Trust.

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