The oldest cat in Norwich turns 32 last week

Rosie reached 32 this weekend, which is 140 in human years. The record for the oldest cat is currently 27-year-old Flossie in London, so Rosie is waiting for her verification for the oldest cat in the UK, with the Guinness World Record.

Owner Lila Brissett said she took in “fluffball” Rosie as a rescue and the cat has only visited the vet twice in her life. She also said her other cats lived to a “ripe old age” but Rosie outlived them all.

Rosie is just six years younger than the world’s oldest cat, Creme Puff, in the US.

Mrs Brissett lost her husband three years ago said, “She is lovely,” and “I love my animals.”

Our reporter, Liberty Corrie, is looking into whether cats make the best furry friends. For more on this, look at our main UEA Journalism page.

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