The answer to love? Get yourself a cat


Cat lover tells UEAJournalism her centre for feline pets and strays re-opens next month

Picture Credit: Sarah Price

“Cats were my first port of call when my mum died”.

After her mother died of pancreatic cancer two years ago, Sarah Price from Norwich wanted to do something she had always dreamed of.

Opening the Cat House .  

She set up the project, with the money her mother left her.

“My mother is woven into the fabric of it,” she said.

The Cat House is a lounge and a themed arts centre and art gallery based on the animal.

It is reopening it’s doors at the end of July.

On her Crowdfunding page Sarah says she wants to offer “cat comfort time, along with cat-themed artistic and wellness workshops & events, to cat-loving people, in an inspiring, beautiful, community-minded environment.”

The feline charity, Cats Protection found that companionship, reducing loneliness and reducing stress were collectively the top reasons for owning a cat.

That definitely rings true with Sarah. She now owns 11 cats and told UEAJournalism. “I just can’t get enough of them.

Who needs a telly when you’ve got 11 cats?”

When reflecting on owning so many cats, she said that one of the best things is that “There’s always a cat that wants a cuddle.”

Picture Credit: Sarah Price

With more than 30 per cent of the UK diagnosed with a mental health condition, Sarah believes cats are “vital to keep getting up… they take you out of yourself and looking inward too much [cats] stop a downward spiralthey always come when you cry”.

She wants The Cat House to be a safe space for both humans and feline pets to come and enjoy each other’s company.

She believes that everyone should receive some love in cat form.

“That’s all we need – a bit of love.”

Picture Credit: Sarah Price

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