France knife attack update

We have just heard from the French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and the local Annecy prosecutor in the press conference.

Here’s what we learnt:

  • Six people were injured including four children and two adults, with victims as young as 22 months old and three years old.
  • Borne said some of the children who were injured are in a “severe state”.
  • Also that the arrested suspect is a Syrian national who had refugee status in Sweden. He had no criminal or psychiatric record.
  • There’s currently no indication as to what the motive of the attack was but police have launched an investigation and there is no evidence of a link to terrorism.
  • Everyone in France are shocked but Borne said everyone is “standing firm”.

Translation to tweet: Live | Official speech by the Prime Minister @Elisabeth_Borne in reaction to the attack in Annecy.

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