Arctic Monkeys rock out in Norwich

And yes, they did look good on the dance floor!

Filling Carrow Road stadium with over 27,000 fans and with tickets sold at around £90, the indie rock band are doing well for themselves to say the least.

Image: Arctic Monkeys at Carrow Road, Phoebe Lucas

But when some NHS workers are paid less than baristas, should musicians be paid more than nurses who save lives?

A doctor at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital who wished to remain unnamed said: “ A graduate leaving medical school will leave with around £100,000 in debt, and the starting salary (as a junior doctor) is around £14 per hour.

“You want a weekend off for your wedding? This may take months of calls and negotiations, and finally asking colleagues for shift swaps as a favour.”

Just today news has come out that hospitals are struggling to provide cancer patients with safe care due to lack of staff.

Half of all cancer units are now reporting frequent delays for both radiotherapy and chemotherapy, with ministers saying a workforce strategy for the NHS in England is due shortly.

Dr Tom Roques is a consultant oncologist: “We’re having to tell patients all the time that we can’t quite treat them as quickly as we would like, or in the way that we’d like. 

“And that’s a stressful thing to have to do.”

This disruption in treatment is all down to staff shortages because of frustration around pay, according to ministers.

So is it fair that artists like Arctic Monkeys front man, Alex Turner has a net worth of $25 million?

Thomas Hale was at the Arctic Monkeys concert last night, he said: “Many big musicians have worked hard to build a reputation, playing in small local venues before setting on tour to play these big venues around the UK.

Image: Thomas Hale

“They deserve their success.”

Thomas, 23, grew up listening to Arctic Monkeys and said: “I was having a great time, the crowd all loved it as well.

“It was like a real party there, it got me excited for the festival season.”

The Sheffield born band are in the middle of their first ever stadium tour around the UK and Ireland after releasing their seventh album, ‘The Car’.

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