Exam stress? Keep calm, play sport and listen to music.

Exam season is a stressful time for all involved. Year 13s will be facing their first normal exams this summer, after their GCSEs were cancelled in 2021.

The Association of School and College Leaders found that last year “80% of headteachers and principals report that stress and anxiety among students taking their exams this summer is higher than in pre-pandemic years”.

Sophie Brooks has been to Sir John Leman Sixth Form in Suffolk to find out how they are supporting students through this time.

Students with ADHD can find exams even more of a struggle than those without the condition. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder impacts millions, and can hinder your ability to focus and study.

However, research has shown that certain types of music can actually help people with ADHD focus.With the exam season upon us, Owen Preston takes a look into what music is best to study to if you have ADHD.

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