Cause for concern over disposable vapes

Vape shop owners in Norwich are calling for stronger action to be taken against people selling vapes and e-cigarettes to under 18s.

This comes as doctors and paediatricians are warning about the dangers on young lungs as well as environmental issues.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health says they are “urging the government to implement an outright ban on disposable e-cigarette products.”

This comes as a recent survey by YouGov say 15% of 16–17-year-olds are current vapers, with 1 in ten 10 people as young as 11 are experimenting with the smoking alternative.

A manager from a vape shop in Norwich, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “there’s so many young people coming to vape who have never smoked before when the whole purpose is to help people stop smoking.

“We have a lot of parents come in to try to buy nicotine free ones for their children because their friends do it, and they want to fit in.”

The shop, I Vape Norwich, do not believe a ban on the disposable vapes would impact their business.

They credited their ‘no ID no sale’ policy on the reason they have a good reputation and say the people that sell to children need to be the people to be shut down to prevent sales among minors.

Professor of Addiction Sciences at the UEA Caitlin Notley fears a complete ban will remove the number one alternative for adult smokers.

She said: “It can make it a lot harder for adults trying to stop smoking as we have clear evidence it’s the number one alternative.

“As much as we don’t want young people consuming anything they shouldn’t, we know in a realistic world its part of being a teenager, and its better they engage in vaping rather than smoking.”

Despite a balance needed to protect all sides, preventing addiction among children must also remain a priority.

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