“The loss of life was tremendous”: Veteran describes D-Day 79 years on

The 6th of June marks the 79th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion during World War Two.

98-year-old Fred Fitch, Photo Credit: Louise Graham

Norwich held a memorial outside of the City Hall, in front of their own War memorial.

Ex – Marine and Armed Force personal commemorated the day with a 15-minute service.

During this service, there were prayers, wreath laying and a 1-minute silence.

Onlookers gathered to watch the service, paying their respects and observing as a 98-year-old veteran stood up from his wheelchair to place a poppy wreath on the Norwich Cenotaph.

Fred Fitch was 18 when he joined the service and aveteran who attended the service in Norwich.

Fred manned a ship to the beaches of Normandy on this day.

On the day, he disobeyed orders to retreat from the shores and stayed to rescue his friends. He later was injured with shrapnel in his hands and arms.

Fred received several medals for his service, including the highest award by the French government.

As poppy wreaths were being laid, Mr Fitch stood up from his wheelchair and with the assistance an ex-marine, walked over to the memorial and placed a wreath down.

One member of the public said that the scene “brought a tear” to her eye.

D-Day was the largest invasion of Allied forces in history. Over 4,000 people died on this day in 1944 including British, American, and Canadian soldiers.

The seaborne invasion led to the liberation of France and subsequently the victory of World War 2.

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