The Lioness inspire a new short film

The writer of a new short film about women’s football says that Euro 2022 was her inspiration for writing it.

It’s just under a year since we witnessed history when the Lionesses won Euro 2022. This has led to a spark in more females playing football.

According to data from the Football Association, the number of female players registered with them has risen by 12.5 per cent.

This has also led to a rise in things off the pitch including a new women’s football movie is in production.

Actress Ella Dorman-Gajic is the writer of the project. She will also star in the movie. “Since watching the women’s euros last year it really motivated me to get more involved and interested in women’s football.

Ella Dorman-Gajic- Credit- Back of The Net

“It inspired something in me to want to write about it and explore it more.”

She admitted that before the Euros last year, she didn’t know much at all about football, but the final brought her to tears and now even players herself.

“I started researching into it and how historically and traditionally women in football have been very undervalued and not championed the same amount as men. That is something that still exists today.

“It really impassioned me about women in football.”

The movie follows young footballer Maya, who finds themselves with an opportunity that could give her the future she’s always dreamed of.

There is one thing that could stop this dream. She cares for her grandma Maggie who suffers from dementia.

Movies like ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ and ‘She The Man’ are notable women’s football movies. Ella said she is shocked that’s all there is.

It is just 47 days before England’s Lioness will take to the pitch to kick off their World Cup campaign in Australia and New Zealand against Haiti.

“Those films were released over 20 years ago. I would have thought that in 20 years that female football within the professional sphere would have moved on. It’s only really in the last year that they’ve been getting the attention from mainstream media.

“I really feel it’s an important time to be making a film about it now and to be champing stories about young women especially”

Ella is having to crowdfund for this movie and has come with some unique prizes, which include a private 1-2-1 with Kings Lynn FC’s Captain and professional football player, Jodie Hopkins and a scriptwriting session with Ella herself.


Ella feels it is important for everyone to contribute to something they believe in.

“You are contributing to the arts. I feel like at the moment the arts aren’t getting enough attention both financially and the platforms that we would give it.


“This is an independent film and could pave the way for young female football players and amateur football players.”

When I asked Ella how she would feel if she was to inspire a new Lioness she said: “It would be so incredibly rewarding.”

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