Norwich’s Small Businesses heavily affected by Cost of Living Struggle

Two of Norwich’s longest-running small businesses have been heavily impacted by the Cost of Living Struggle, one of which is celebrating 35 Years of success.

“I was made redundant and lost my previous job as a journalist” The owner of a magical gift shop has revealed the secrets to its success as she survives multiple comebacks from one of the UK’s biggest recessions and celebrates 35 Years in business.

Inanna’s Magical Gifts is run by owner, who only goes by the name Naomi, to help those who seek spiritual guidance in all religions. She came up with the idea for the shop in a dream after being made redundant, and credits its success to the welcoming space of Norwich and decades of loyal customers.

“Everyone has had to adjust” Naomi opened the store in June 1988 and after experiencing 3 recessions and 2 relocations since then, she isn’t at all surprised with the cost of living crisis and how much of a struggle, survival is.

StellaBox Designs is another a long-running small business, on St. Augustine’s Street in Norwich, that designs linocut prints of a variety of animals and landscapes, both for sale and on commission.

“I felt so supported by the local community” The owner, Haychley Webb, has been trying to salvage what’s left of the Arts Community in Norwich, especially after the Cost of Living Crisis has made people take a step back on purchasing luxury items for themselves, leaving her without customers despite how long she’s been in business for

“several hundred pounds were lost” Haychley hopes that inflation, increased food and utility prices decrease or st the very least, maintain a sustainable rate, that residents of Norwich and the rest of the UK can handle.

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