The growing issue of AI anxiety

People are uncertain about being replaced by technology. This is fuelled by AI and most recently ChatGBT.

Snapchat has recently added an AI chatbot and it has already raised concerns.

The new tool is facing backlash and bad reviews on the app store due to its ‘creepy’ exchanges.

Are snapchatters worried about the rapid growth in AI technology and what it means for future employment?

Toby, a graphic design student said that he is worried about AI taking over creative jobs and he wont be able to secure a grad job.

Tom, student at NUA is skeptical about how trusting people are with the information ChatBPT gives, and said that he thinks AI is dangerous as it could supply dangerous or inappropriate information to young and impressionable people.

Emily, is an avid snapchat user who uses the AI chatbot regularly. She said that she is a believer that technology already knows everything and therefore she is not worried about AI.

The issue of machines supplanting human labour has been in discussion for decades and the term ‘technological unemployment’ was popularised in the 1930’s by famous economist John Maynard Kaynes.

In March, a report published by Goldman Sachs predicted that AI could replace the equivalent of 300 million full time jobs.

Geoffrey Hinton, also known as the ‘godfather of AI’ developed a deep-learning AI, including ChatGPT. Which is what the snapchat chatbot is.

He has recently resigned from his job at google and is now taking the time to warn others of what he has been working on for decades. He believes AI could ‘wipe out humanity’.

AI has the potential to help with many things including medically, holding more knowledge than ever before.

However, when it comes to creative jobs, people are very skeptical with how a robot could create ‘meaningful’ work with no ‘human touch’.

Lot’s of alarm bells are being run about AI, yet no-one has the answers with how to proceed.

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