Government “clutching at straws” to make the next nurse strike illegal 

NHS nurses and RCN members “stand up” to “bullies” as the government tries to rule that the upcoming NHS nurse strikes should be made illegal. 

Health secretary Steve Barclay has asked judges whether the upcoming NHS nurse strikes should be made illegal.  

This is because it would be falling outside of the Royal College of nursing’s six-month mandate action.  

The walk out will affect emergency services, departments, intensive care, and other wards. 

If the court rules that the planned walk-out is unlawful, the strike will be cut short.  

This planned strike is taking place after the RCN rejected a government pay rise offer of 5% and a one-off payment of £1655 to top up last year’s salary. However, the union announced that their members rejected the offer by majority vote. 

NHS nurse Carol Preston said that they would not need to strike if the government “actually acknowledged a fair wage.” This is rather than the constant bad press they’re getting.  

She believes the media are reporting larger wage increases than they have offered, so the nurses “look greedy” when in reality, she would receive “£70 a month more, if I am lucky”. 

“They are clutching at straws, another mandate for strikes will be called and more nurses will agree, more strikes will happen no matter what,” “there will be hell up if they make it illegal” 

“I have no time for our government” another nurse admits. Which seemed to be a common thought throughout nurses at this time.  

In an email from the RCN to its members last night, general secretary and chief executive, Pat Cullen said, “the only way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them” and ““we are determined to show that the nursing profession is strong and determined.”   

Mr Barclay says that he has been “left with no choice” but to take the RCN to court and that he has “regretfully” had to do so. 

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