North American Indigenous Art wows public at UEA

The Empowering art exhibition was brought to Norwich, at the UEA’S Sainsbury’s Centre.

The exhibition showcases both historical and modern art, whilst telling a story of the North American coastline, from the perspective of its indigenous people.

The exhibit was split into sections of history, struggles and revelations which the Indigenous people have experienced. These struggles consisted mainly of cultural transformation, authority, and power.

Some art dated back to the 18th century, with others being more modern.

Most art consisted of masks and faces, which was traditionally used for ceremonies including:

  • Celebrations
  • Healing rituals
  • War rituals
  • and decorations

The pieces above, are ancient pieces by unknown artists. They were likely to be used during celebrations or when a chief on one tribe would gift the mask to another tribe.

There was also moving art and videos consisting of lights to illuminate the walls with silhouettes. Again featuring the core decorative piece of tribes.

The exhibition took the viewer through history with the pieces, telling us the story of their traditions. There was modern interpretations of the historical pieces, which signified how important the modern art is even in the present day.

Comments from the public consisted on how intriguing the art was.

The Sainsburys Centre has a new paying method as well. They call this “pay if and what you can basis”, the universal ticket allows the public to donate or go for free.

A local woman, named Helen said that “this helps her and her group of friends who go to different events to draw and understand the art better.”

Louise from the drawing group said “the new exhibition is lovely and fascinating.”

Check out Annabelle’s day at the museum, video below.

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