Multimillion-pound renovations impact local cafes summer plans

`The Halls Norwich are closing their doors to the public for twelve months ahead of a £3.6million restoration.

Amaretto Delicatessen is located directly opposite the Halls and is open Monday to Saturday, however they occasionally open on Sundays to accommodate for people attending an event at the Halls.

Amaretto owner Fabrizio Fiaschi is concerned about the implications of the closure. The business has a license to place seating on the walkway in front of the delicatessen, however, once work on the building begins his will not be possible, Mr Fiaschi said that “tables outside in the summer weather helps a lot of business, so next summer we will lose out on this – that is going to be a problem”.

Not only will renovations cause obstructions to Amarettos outdoor seating, but the closure also means that their “close relationship” with the Halls management could be lost if staff who are relocated do not return when the venue reopens. Despite the issues faced, Mr Fiaschi was eager to stress that “it is no one’s fault” and he is aware that the building is in dire need of repairs.

The Grade 1 listed building is a multi-room venue and is host to a variety of events from live music and stand-up comedy to private weddings, it is owned and run by Norwich City Council. The building was first completed over 500 years ago in 1449 and has been owned by the public since 1538.

It was recently announced that the building would have to be decommissioned if crucial repairs were not carried out, so the city councils successful bid for £3.6m of Town Deal funding could not come at a better time.

Although these renovations are hugely beneficial to maintaining the structural integrity the building, there are several small businesses like Amarettos surrounding the venue which could be detrimentally affected by the twelve-month closure.

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