‘Disappointment’ as local tory leader ousted after 8 Years

The results of the votes counted at the Broadland District Council elections at the Norfolk Showground today have been finalised.

Out of the 47 total seats, the Conservative Party won the most seats, totalling at 21.

The Liberal Democrats followed up in second place, having won 14 seats.

Runners-up were the Labour Party, at 8 seats, and then the Green Party, at 4 seats.

The counting stations pictured at the Norfolk Showground.

The former leader of the Conservative Party of the Plumstead ward, Shaun Vincent, was ousted from his position today of 8 years.

James Harvey, the running candidate of the Green Party, won the majority electoral vote.  

Vincent’s wife, Karen Vincent, chairman of the Broadland District Council, was elected Conservative leader of Old Catton and Sprowston West.

A good day for her, but not for her husband.

Preceding his loss, Vincent was seen, as many of the councillors and candidates were, regardless of party, closely and intently watching the counting.

The nerves in the hall of each and every candidate could not be calmed.

He said: ‘we’re going to win’ and he was ‘positive’, yet also ‘tense’.

He was also seen pleasantly conferring with a member of the Green Party and one of his contenders, Andrew Cawdron, before the electoral count for his ward was finalised.

Natasha Harpley, elected leader of the Labour Party of Central Sprowston, said: ‘I am here to support all the other candidates’, but also said that the ‘Tories’ were ‘looking a bit glum’.

Harpley expected the Labour Party to win the most seats overall, as she said that many of the Conservative electorates were tending not to vote.

She said: ‘friendly rivalry’ between the Parties was always at the elections. 

Meanwhile, John Fuller, Council Leader of South Norfolk District Council secured his re-election in the Brooke ward for the 20th year.

He said: ‘I am delighted to be returned with over 50% of votes for the next 4 years until 2027.’

Following his loss after 8 years of being leader of his ward, Vincent was ‘disappointed’, and uncertain with what his next course of action will be in the next four years before the next district elections.

After his loss he was not seen surrounded by any Green Party members, who supposedly went to celebrate their win.

Members of the Green Party, pictured after one of their wins in Norfolk.

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