Norfolk’s ‘drought status’

There’s a growing fear that gardeners and farmers will not have enough water this summer due to the UK’s ongoing drought issue.

Norfolk remains in ‘drought status’ as we approach summer, however many businesses in Norwich are not feeling the pressure yet.

With summer round the corner, concerns of another hot drought has caused action to take place in the UK, hosepipe bans have extended across Cornwall and parts of Devon.

An Anglian Water spokesperson said: “Parts of our region, in particular Norfolk, remains in ‘drought status’ as, taking the last 12 months into account, we’ve seen rainfall rates well below normal yearly averages” and “we are continuing to monitor the situation closely”.  

Businesses across the UK do not seem to have been affected, market stalls at Norwich market all have similar views about the ‘drought status’, Alex Pond who owns Ponds Flowers explained that his business has not yet been affected but he admits “with so much water being used, I do not know how people are not struggling”.

After last years dry period Eve Parson’s from CJ’S Fruit and Veg said that “last year was very dry and we struggled to get a few bits and bobs” but “not so far this year”.

Action has been taken following the dry conditions last year, The Environment Agency in East Anglia ‘works with farmers, businesses and other abstractors to manage water availability and ensure that they get the water they need to be resilient while maintaining our protection of the environment’. They also continue to monitor key rivers, groundwater and reservoir sites.

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