Norfolk Police aim for more diversity

Norfolk Police have set out strategies to achieve greater representation in the work force.

Norfolk Police diversity efforts are having mixed effects, with goals in place to promote diversity. However, these efforts have not reached the top.

Some of these strategies are laid out in the ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy’, which goes through the constabulary’s goals they want to reach by 2026.

“The Constabulary is committed to providing a pathway into policing, a pathway to progression and retention support for those from underrepresented groups in our communities.”

There are also staff and awareness schemes in place to promote such issues within the police itself.

Norfolk and Suffolk Police’s ‘Joint Equality Objectives’ lay out clear goals for the police to achieve:

The Norfolk Executive is 100 per cent White British, according to the most recent diversity report. Showing that Norfolk Police’s diversity efforts still have a way to go.

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