Norwich fans cancel season tickets in protest

Norwich City fans are calling for a change in the club’s management following a spell of poor results. With two wins in their last ten league games, supporters have made it clear that a clean-out is due.

Norwich’s 3-0 home loss to Swansea City saw thousands of fans leave Carrow Road before half-time.

Norwich fan Ben Holding described the atmosphere of the game as “one of the most toxic and lifeless [he has] ever experienced”.

On social media, fans have placed the blame in different areas of the club.

Some believe it is an issue with the players and their performances on the pitch.

Darren, who has supported the club since the 1970s, said the players have “no sense of belief in themselves”.  

Others, believe the responsibility lies deeper within the club.

The majority of supporters have blamed Stuart Webber, who has been the Sporting Director at Norwich since 2017.

Chants of “Webber out” were heard throughout the loss against Swansea.

Canaries fan Matthew W. said: “Webber has come to the end of his cycle”.

In a post-match interview, Head Coach David Wagner defended Webber’s position: “There is not one person on this planet who cares more about the football club than he does”.  

In protest of Stuart Webber remaining at Norwich, many fans have cancelled the renewal of their season tickets.

Supporters have given their season tickets back to the club before the final game, with the promise of returning if Webber leaves.

Not all fans are supportive of this method of protest.

Season ticket holder Steve Lucas said Canaries fans “must accept the bad times too, otherwise the good times will not resonate in the way they should.”

He said people feeling the need to cancel their season tickets is “disappointing”, continuing “whereas for me it’s an identity and a sense of belonging: win, lose or draw”.

With two games left in the season, the next few weeks will prove crucial in deciding the club’s future.

Fans are planning a protest that will happen if Norwich loses the final game of the season.

Ben Holding said: “It’s a sorry state of affairs at Carrow Road and fresh ideas are needed to stop the club falling into the depths of the Championship”.

The club’s directors face important decisions in the upcoming months to respond to the dissatisfaction of Norwich supporters.

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