Millions waiting on Cost of Living payments

Millions who were expecting a cost of living crisis payment today were left unpaid as the government said it could come as late as May 17.

The first of three payments, starting at £299 to help low-income households, will start to be sent out from the Bank of England today.

Over eight million people are eligible for the payment helping around one million households.

Payment is expected to be arrive in peoples accounts from April 25 to May 17. However, some of those who were expecting it today never received the payment and have been left struggling.

Jordan Fox, 23, from Riverside, works as a bar supervisor in the city and was expecting the payment today but will now have to wait. He said: “the £300 was going to help me pay my rent and to have enough gas and electric for the next month.”

“I earn £800 a month from my job and claim universal credit. After I’ve paid all by utilities, I’m left with £200 to last me the month. I’ve been struggling and this would’ve helped massively”.

He isn’t the only with many people taking to social media to vent their frustration with lots of negative tweets about the government and the way the way the payments have been handled.

The government website states that “Payments made during this window will be staggered over the next couple of weeks meaning not everyone entitled to receive a payment will receive it today.” Mel Stride, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions said: “We have continually supported those most vulnerable to rising costs, including through record benefits and national living wage increases as well as these exceptional Cost of Living Payments responding to the global pressures we are facing.”

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