Thousands of “beyond rewarding” careers waiting to be filled

The hunt for recruiting thousands of adult social workers took place today in Norwich. The Forum-based event was encouraging people to meet employers and discuss the many opportunities the sector has to offer.

“The self-reward you get from empowering someone in care is unmatched by any other job”, said Recruitment Manager, Laura-Lee Fish, of Purely Care.

Tracey Sparks, from Norfolk First Support, said: “It’s a niche role, it’s never been well paid and doesn’t attract many people”, but now allowing people to regain skills and help them stay in their own home Tracey said: “is beyond rewarding, outweighing many other factors”.

Aylsham Care Trust representative, Chrissie said: “it’s one of those jobs that takes a certain person to do it”. But she emphasised that jobs in care are about “getting the proper care to the people that need it”.

Social care roles have become less popular since the pandemic and the recent strikes over pay and working conditions.

The House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee reported at the end of last year that: “health bodies have warned that such shortages have affected, and will continue to affect, many patients.”

It was predicted that an extra 490,000 jobs will be needed in social care by 2030. Not only are there roles to be filled, but there are thousands more that are yet to be made.

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