The night Norwich was attacked by Hitler

On this very night in 1942 a violent series of German bombs were dropped on our ‘fine city’. 

Coined as the ‘Baedeker raids’ because of a travel book called, Baedeker’s Guide to Britain,  the German written travel book was published in 1937. 

Only five years later the guide was used to target cities in the UK, including Norwich.

For 2 hours straight the Luftwaffe, (German air force) dropped more than 185 bombs on the city, demolishing homes, schools, shops, and factories.

The second attack was only 40 minutes long but far more lethal as shrapnel burst a water main.

Records from Norfolk county Council show more than 160 people died in the first raid with almost 600 others badly injured.

The bombing continued for the next two nights and Norwich was still being targeted into early June.

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