“We can’t get away” from the delays in ambulance response times

An NHS Tracker by The Telegraph newspaper shows the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust response times compared to the national target in February 2023.

CategoryNational TargetEEAST Response Times (hours:minutes:seconds)
Category One: life threatening events such as cardiac arrest7 minute average with 90% of all calls within 15 minutes00:09:11
Category Two: serious emergencies such as sepsis and strokes18 minute average with 90% of all calls in 40 minutes00:45:06
Category Three: urgent problems such as fractures90% of all calls within 2 hours02:06:15
Category Four: non-urgent problems such as vomiting90% of all calls within 3 hours02:57:59
Figures from Telegraph Newspaper

Councillor Edward Back asked why there was a longer response time for category two emergencies when compared to the national target, and whether there were any underlying reasons causing this.

Category two emergencies make up the bulk of the calls for ambulances.

David Allen explained that there is a “direct correlation between delays at hospital and our category two response. We can’t get away from that.”

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