Divorces are female-led, but why?

“Temptation is just a swipe away”

In the 2021 census, data collected revealed almost one in eight people aged 16 or over in Norwich were divorced or were formerly in a civil partnership – the biggest percentage in the UK.

The census also revealed there was an almost 10 per cent increase compared to 2020 of people getting divorced in England and Wales.

The Office for National Statistics found that nearly two thirds of divorces were petitioned by women, or couples in opposite-sex relationships.

So why are women more likely to call it quits?

A couples Councillor from Norwich said women are more likely to file for divorce because “they tend to have the time and inclination. Guys aren’t always as attuned.”

Another common theme seems to be a breakdown in communication.

Psychosexual and relationships therapist, Pauline Godfrey said: “Couples go into a negative way of communicating.

“If you imagine a triangle the following occurs when couples first meet they are in an adult mode of communication.

“During conflict they move into a parent-child way of communicating.

“One becomes the dominant parent, the other the teenager. If this continues one will look for the third thing to make them happy.”

Chloe Swinton is a therapist from Norwich. She said: “In my experience the reason most people struggle in general relationships is through disconnection and a lack of understanding.”

Another Norwich based councillor said: “Divorces are increasing due to tolerances and expectations and goals shifting.

“Given the increase in social media apps, dating is as simple as a swipe, so options and temptation is just a swipe away.”

According to Ofcom’s Online Nation Report for 2021, 1.85 million Brits were on Tinder, 13 per cent admitting they were in a relationship.

It raises the question, is social media and digital dating the main cause of marriage breakdowns?

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