Does the UK need to do more to help Ukraine?

The amount of refugees that the UK have taken in are one hundred sixty-one thousand four hundred.

That makes the United Kingdom 6th in the list of countries taking in Refugees. Both Poland and Germany have taken over a Million Ukraine’s in. Poland is about 1.3 times bigger than United Kingdom.

The UK is 14th Richest in Europe whilst Poland are 27th.

Whilst we are looking at the finance when they are in the other countries, how much do the refugees get? Well Germany again lead this giving every Ukrainian refugee in accommodation, at 449 euros per month.

Ireland are close behind on 412 euros. The UK though sit 12th on the list, offering just below 200 euros a month. Poland although sit bottom with just over 15 euros a month.

Do the UK need to do more? We went into Norwich to find out more.

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