Anti-littering scheme hopes to save Norwich taxpayers thousands

Trials to cut down littering in parts of Norwich have been so successful, local leaders are looking to roll it out across the city.

The ‘Love Norwich’ campaign was launched by the city council in November, to tackle littering and fly tipping.

Its initial launch was set up in the Town Close ward, with recycling bins being installed with new mechanisms to make it easier for people to dispose of rubbish correctly.

These recycling bins have two lids, including a smaller one on top, which is easier to lift for residents to get rid of their rubbish.

Cate Oliver, cabinet member for Environmental Services, told us, “Here in Vauxhall Street and Suffolk Square we are reminding people the best ways of disposing things, making the areas nice.”           

Cate Oliver, City Councillor for Town Close. Credit: Aimee Dexter

Since the launch, there has been a significant decrease in the bins overflowing, said the council. 

People in areas that have not been part of the scheme have told UEA Journalism that they would like to see more regular bin collections.

Tyler White, a resident in Eaton said, “I’m frustrated at the inconvenience because I work nights. If I miss putting out my bin, I then have to wait two weeks which amounts to a month’s worth of rubbish.”

The council told us that fly tipping, which is a serious criminal offence, is also an issue in the city.

Bin collection on Vauxhall Street. Credit: Aimee Dexter

Councillor Oliver said, “Fly tipping costs tax-payers money, so we are trying to put money into intervention.”

The authority said that it costs taxpayers £180,000 a year to remove fly tipped rubbish, money which it said could be spent on other things. 

90 per cent of fly tipping in Norwich is collected by the city council within 24 hours, which the council said could be improved.

Jamie Osbourn, Green Party councillor for Mancroft, said it was the council’s responsibility to help keep Norwich clean. He said, “There are better ways to stop fly tipping, like to reduce the bulky waste collection charge.”

It costs a person £24.50 to have one item collected.

‘Love Norwich’ is going to expand in the new year, with target areas in Norwich receiving free bulky waste collection and more bins put around the city to try to tackle these issues. 

Bins in Russel Square, Town Close. Credit: Aimee Dexter

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