‘We want a decent pay’ – BT workers strike in Norwich

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has launched a nationwide strike in response to what they say is underpayment from BT, the Royal Mail and Openreach.

The cost of living crisis has meant some workers are having to resort to using food banks in order to put food on the table for themselves and their families.

Nearly 1000 operators have taken a stand – meaning BT bosses are having to man the 999 phones as cover.

With bills soaring, they say their current wages simply do not suffice.

According to CWU member and Open Reach employee Chris, around 98% of people wanted to take industrial action’ in a ballot. This ‘overwhelming’ figure has lead to the strikes currently underway.

Chris said the union were offered a one off payment of roughly £1400 in April, however this wasn’t enough. 

We want a decent pay cost of living is going through the roof, our wages are not going anywhere. We want a decent settlement to help us live.”

The issue doesn’t seem to be just short term, with Chris expressing his fears coming into the winter due to rising energy bills. He worries he may not even be able to heat his own home:

We need to do something today.”

A BT Group spokesperson told Sky News about the reckless actions taken by the CWU, stating they are ‘disappointed’ in the group but still acknowledge the struggles facing their employees.

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