Unpredictable Norwich weather makes outdoor businesses uncertain

A yellow weather warning for heavy rainfall was issued for Norfolk over the bank holiday weekend.

The warning was active from 7pm on Sunday 5th June and 4am on Monday 6th June.

As we approach the middle of the summer, many brits are hoping for sunny, dry weather, with most schools breaking up for the summer holidays next month in July.

But some stall owners at the Norwich Market on Gentleman’s Walk say they get more customers when the weather is grey.

Alexander Pond runs Ponds Flowers at the market. He says, “it’s not very good when it’s hot because people have other things on their minds, like going to the coast, eating ice cream, having a pint of beer and going for nice walks.

Alexander Pond, owner of Ponds Flowers, Gentleman’s Walk

“Yesterday was alright because there was rain, but it wasn’t a terrible day.

“April was dry, May was dry, and now we have a bit of a wet June.”

However, workers at the fruit and vegetable stall said that their business does better on sunny days – but this does not stop them from coming to work in the snow, rain and hail, they said.

The weather is expected to continue to change between rain and sunshine for the rest of this week, with forecasts predicting rain for Wednesday and Thursday, followed by sun the next few days. Temperatures will reach up to 23 degrees Celsius.

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