E-cigarettes popular with under 18’s

Disposable vapes have become notoriously popular with the younger generation in the past few years.

Ye Olde CBD and Vape Lounge

An E-cigarette is a device which allows you to inhale nicotine in vapor form rather than smoke.

Unfortunately, smoking a whole bar is the equivalent of up to 50 cigarettes.

The accessibility of the e-cigarettes is one of the biggest attractions to smoking bars rather than cigarettes.

E-cigarettes were originally used to help smokers quit and move on to something less harmful. However with the invention of an endless supply of colourful and flavoursome bars, people are not using vapes to quit smoking but more as a ‘trendy’ addiction.

Using a vape rather than smoking a cigarette is just as addictive. With one Elf bar having 20 milligrams of nicotine.

The legal age for vaping and smoking remains at 18 years old in the UK. However it is becoming ever-growing in the underage Gen-Z generation.

The new found fashion has led to a trend on TikTok of #elfbar and has over 690 million views.

Action on smoking ad health (ASH) found that 11.2% of 11-17 year olds in the UK tried vaping in 2021.

Ye Olde CBD and Vape Lounge in Norwich have noticed an increase in the amount of underage customers they have trying to buy their products.

The manager of the vape shop, has partnered with the NHS to encourage smokers to start vaping to help their health.

The number of vapers grew from 3.2 million in 2020 to 3.6 million in 2021.

The NHS claim that an e-cigarette is less harmful than smoking tobacco. However with social media glamorising these bars as a ‘trend’. The original point of vaping has been forgotten.

Geek bars and Elf bars have attracted young Gen Z’s. This generation are using bars intentionally, rather than as a way of quitting smoking.

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