Going out or staying in?

How is the cost of living affecting our leisure decisions.

The continued rise of cost of living will leave people having to give up leisure activities like going out to eat, shopping or to the cinema.

Last month Rishi Sunak announced extra financial support for those struggling with the increased inflation. It has now been announced these households could receive the £650 grant within the next few weeks.

But with this money set to help with fundamental needs like food, heating, and petrol, activities normally taken for granted may have to be given up.

Sam, a duty manager from Cinema City in Norwich said: “Cinemas offer an escape from the day to day and are there to enrich people’s lives through an artform.”

Image: Sam, Duty Manager at Cinema City

It seems there is still a real demand for entertainment like cinemas especially with people wanting to escape the hardships of daily life.

The £650 grant will be paid to people who receive means-tested benefits which include those on:

Universal Credit

Pension Credit

Child Tax Credit

Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance

Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

Income Support

Working Tax Credit

Sam explains the cinema “takes [people] out of their problems for two hours or challenges them because film is a very powerful medium so I think cinema is very important”

With the summer holidays fast approaching many families will be thinking about activities they can fill the weeks with. But as the publics’ financial priorities are focusing on food and warmth, people like Sam may be expecting a lull in customers.

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