Fundraising for nature reserve in Norwich, where city children – and adults – can connect with nature.

Norfolk Wildlife Trust are plotting to purchase the Briar Sweet Marshes, a 90-acre marsh situated just 10 minutes from the city walls. 

The president of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Patrick Barkham, has called the marsh land a “national treasure”. Areas like this marsh are constantly pressured by the urban development which surrounds the area. 

The marsh offers a better chance for the wildlife of Norwich, with it being home to rare and scarce species of plants and animals, including water vole, water shrew, common toad and frog, orchids, reed bunting, willow warbler and snipe.

Elliot Lyne, the Chief Executive of Norfolk Wildlife Trust, said:  “A healthier, wilder and more accessible Sweet Briar Marshes will provide local communities with a valuable connection to the natural world, and with 40 schools within two miles of the site, local children will grow up happier, healthier, and better connected to nature too.”

It’s not only an environmental story, but its significance also reaches far beyond its obvious importance in preserving nature. It also creates a better community and cleaner air in the city.

The project has already raised 300,000 pounds through the support of AVIVA and is currently looking to fundraise a further 300,000 through donation. 

The potential of the site is palpable, with the 90 acres running alongside the River Wensum close to the city. 

The sweet briar marshes are a site of special scientific interest, and it would be a great tragedy if it were lost, as it’s vital to Protect and enhance a vital steppingstone for wildlife in an otherwise urban landscape.

(PHOTO CREDIT Norfolk wildlife trust)

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