First Bus “affected majorly” by recent storms, says Head of Operations

First Eastern Counties had to cancel the entire Excel service last Friday, the day Storm Eunice hit. 

The bus company lost roughly 5% of their mileage due to strong winds and flooding caused by the storm. This is equivalent to 100 bus journeys.

The First Bus Head of Operations for Norwich, Chris Speed, said: “Our services were affected majorly by the storms last week. It’s unusual to have so many storms coming together.

“Sometimes we have to take a number of buses off because of the weather but we try and redeploy them somewhere else.”

Chris Speed, Head of Operations at First Bus for Norwich

Chris explained how passengers can help to reduce delays in service by making sure they are ready before stepping onto the bus:

“The biggest thing that happens is when someone gets on the bus and says, ‘can I have a day ticket?’ and then they proceed to get their purse or wallet out of their bag.

“The faster we can get everyone on, the quicker the bus can get back on time. Do remember that we do take contactless, and you can prepay on the app.”

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