FEATURE: What benefits does being a ‘plant parent’ have?

Nothing adds more serenity and beauty to our homes like having a few little plants or flowers dotted around. Other than the trendy aesthetic of being a ‘plant parent’ what benefits does owning a plant have?

Indoor plants are something that everyone loves. One plant can uplift a whole room to be a friendly, welcoming environment. Alongside the picturesque view, surrounding yourself with plants has massive benefits for your mental health.

Indoor plants reduce stress levels.

Healthline released 7 benefits of having a house plant.

  1. Indoor plants may help stress levels
  2. Real plants sharpen your attention
  3. Working with plants can be therapeutic
  4. Plants may help you recover from illness faster
  5. Plants may boost your productivity
  6. Plants may improve your whole outlook on work
  7. Plants may improve the quality of indoor air

Some houseplants absorb toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene, found in man-made materials that are known to pollute the air. NASA made a list of indoor plants which clean air most sufficiently.

As we are a generation of plant lovers, it is not surprising that 7 in 10 millennials call themselves ‘plant parents’ according to Article and OnePoll study in 2020. As the market has grown so rapidly in recent years, there is an abundance of plants of all kinds of species to choose from.

With peace lilies being the easiest plant to look after, they have become the most popular house plant in the UK. Coming in many different shapes and sizes, they are the best plant to have in your home or office. As well as brightening any room, they are wonderful for cleaning air too.

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