Suffolk school band’s gig for charity

The four piece band known as, ‘ikraus’, are from Thomas Mills High School in Framlingham.

One of their peers, Luke Potter said: “it was a class night, very proud of them all and I’m ready for the next gig”.

ikarus played at the FAYAP centre in Framlingham on Saturday night to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and Breast Cancer Alliance.

Image: Dominic Compton left to right: Hunter, Tom, Archie, Hayden

Project Manager, Spadge Hopkins, of the FAYAP said: “It was a brilliant gig and it’s really well supported and it’s really cool because everyone knew the words”.

He added that ikarus is part of the “Amplifier Project that we run here on a Monday and the band formed from that”. Sessions are run by Matt Sheperd who was “part of a project that helped Ed Sheeran in the early days”.

Around 100 people attended with tickets sold at £5 each and t-shirts at £10. It’s estimated the four teens had made over £600 by the end of the evening.

ikarus is made up of frontman, Tom Turner, guitarist, Hunter Goddard, Bassist, Hayden Peasey and drummer, Archie Lucas.

Archie said: “It was a surreal experience, I’m glad I got to share it with friends and family especially when it’s for such a good cause”.

Image: Dominic Compton left to right: Hunter, Tom, Archie, Hayden

The band had only ever played at the year 11 prom last summer and in school assemblies. They are set to play at the Framlingham Christmas on the Hill event on December 3, with hopes to play more gigs locally.

ikarus is also planning to record some of their songs in the coming weeks with Keane bassist, Jesse Quin.

One audience member said: “They are exceptional young talents” and thought “It was a great idea to raise money for charity”.

With hits like ‘I can see the sea’ and ‘vaccine’, ikarus will be a band to look out for.

Image: Dominic Compton top left to bottom right: Archie, Hunter, Tom, Hayden

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