What are Norwich clubs doing about spiking?

There has been an increase of reports in spiking and now it is believed the criminals are now resorting to also using needles. The spiking has been reported to be happening all over Norwich including clubs along Prince of Wales Road and University of East Anglia club, ‘ The LCR.’

The question is what are Norwich clubs doing about the increase in spiking?

For instance an example of how this is now happening regularly is that three incidents occurred in the early hours of Friday, October 22nd and 2 more recorded in the early hours of Saturday October 23rd.

When spiked people are sometimes left unable to walk or even stand. This is seriously dangerous and would make anyone vulnerable, especially if alone.

Epic Studios have introduced foil lined plastic lids, which are called StopTopps,  as well as Cans ‘N’ Cocktails who have also introduced the same lids.

The StopTopps are produced by SOS Global in Essex and are recyclable.

General manager of Epic Studio’s Laura Rycroft said to Evening News, “ The drink toppers are being predominantly used by women and gives them extra peace of mind to enjoy their night out. “

At the University of East Anglia, the First Aid Society and MMA, mixed martial arts club, have been concerned by the increased reports of spiking on campus. They have done spiking safety sessions covering how to recognize a spiked drink including signs and symptoms, emergency First Aid and a self defense class.

Phina Leppard, who is a member of the MMA society, spoke about the spiking sessions and her concerns about the increase in spiking amongst students.

Bar and Beyond, a club in Prince of Wales Road, also got lids for drinks. The additional charge for a lid was 50p.

The posters for this have now been put down as people showed anger for having to pay for a safety precaution that other clubs had given out for free.

Bar and beyond have now posted on Instagram a ‘Anti Drink Spiking’ post. This includes discussing their training, policies, searches, CCTV/Bodycams, Anti-spiking devices, medics and how they can help make sure you get home safely etc.

The Anti-spiking devices section suggests they will supply bottle stoppers and protective drink covers as soon as they get some more.

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