Football fan’s boredom leads to creative supermarket kit designs.

Football fanatic Joe Parton has beaten lockdown boredom by designing football shirts for the UK’s favourite supermarkets.

Joe, a 28-year-old from Oxford, got the inspiration while he was working his shift as an admin assistant at Tesco’s.

After leaving the job during second lockdown, the Wolves fan set about designing home and away strips for some of the UK’s supermarkets.

Now he’s had his first shirt printed.

Credit: Joe Parton

 As a lifelong Wolves fan Joe was missing football and his normal life. He posted his project on Twitter where it gained traction and received over 44,000 likes on the original thread.

The Wolves season ticket holder said he hadn’t been to Molineux for a year. “It was a year where I used my desperation for football to make something happen. All of the stuff over the last year that has been a bit of a cloud… that was something that made people smile. It is something positive.”

Joe used a website called SWAZ to crate the kits who offered to print him two of his favourites. Joe picked his Aldi designs as that was his supermarket of choice and could see them being sold in the middle aisle.

The football shirt industry in the England’s top two leagues is worth over $500 million but Joe doesn’t want to sell them himself “
I’m not interested, I’m not Del Boy, ‘this time next year I will be a millionaire’ with these football shirts. That is not my intention at all. I would love this to have a bit of a charity angle to it if we sold them for a good cause wouldn’t that be amazing?”

The supermarkets had interacted with the original tweet by it has since “dried up”. Joe described that as frustrating as he thinks there will be nothing better than “seeing workers in their brands colours”.

As fans cannot get into stadiums at the moment why not wear a football shirt whilst doing your weekly shop?

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