Former Ipswich Town Captain Matt Holland would be “majorly disappointed” if football stopped again

Matt Holland. Source: Instagram: @mattholland888

Former midfielder and Ipswich Town Captain Matt Holland says he would be “majorly disappointed” if football was stopped again due to Coronavirus as he feels it “has brought a welcome relief”

Recently, Ipswich town manager Paul Lambert spoke about how football continue throughout lockdown is “morally wrong.”

Lambert spoke to BBC 5 live breakfast show last Friday and was asked if he thought football should be stopped “I think there’s a strong case for it. I’ve had it and I’m going by the symptoms, the way I felt. It was the worst ever, it really was.”

Lambert contracted Covid-19 over Christmas with many of his players and staff having to isolate over the Christmas period. “I’ve never felt as bad as this for years and years, I can’t remember the last time I felt as bad as this, so it’s certainly real, that’s for sure.”

Though its not all bad working in football throughout a lockdown. Former Ipswich captain and now premier league pundit, Matt Holland said “by working through lockdown nothing has really changed for me. The roads are quieter, it’s easier to get away from games without fans.”

But he feels that “there is a feeling of it not being quite right without the supporters.” Which is something that has been said many times, and Paul Lambert included in his reasons he thinks football should be stopped.

Matt finished by saying that he would be disappointed if it was stopped though “I do however think that football has brought a welcome relief or distraction for many in such uncertain times and I would be majorly disappointed if it were to be stopped. I know a lot of work has gone in to making everything as safe as possible.”

by Jack Maclean

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